Kanban board killer.
Designed for freelancers.

Create a roadmap

Simple dashboard.
All your projects in one place.

Intuitive & powerful.
Prioritise with drag & drop.

Invite your clients.
Unlimited guest accounts.

No more silos.
Share your progress.

And so much more.
Packed with powerful features.

Import your roadmaps.
Roadmap integrates with Trello, Jira, Airtable and so many more.
import roadmaps
List everything that needs to be done in your roadmap's backlog.
Speed up your work by using our handy shortcuts.
keyboard shortcuts
Invite other managers at no extra cost and keep them in the loop.
keep in sync
Add colors to highlight your important tasks.
highlight task
Zoom out to get the big picture, zoom in to see the smallest tasks in your plans.
zoom levels