Roadmap looks different, doesn't it?
It's not like any other project management tools you've used before. No Kanban boards, no to-do list nor any deadlines.

Just timelines and milestones.
Because we believe Kanban boards and todo lists are toxic for teams to be used as project management solutions. Here's why:

1. Impossible to identify the right tasks to prioritise. All tasks look the same regardless of their estimates.

2. Overwhelming. Lack of direction, no past or future. Just a pile of tasks that needs to be done. No sense of order.

3. Lack of trasparency. Counting the number of completed tasks is not progress. Impossible to see who's working on what, their progress and what's next.

Because of this, teams use meetings and stand-ups to constantly get aligned on progress, what's been done and what's next. With Roadmap, that changes.

On Roadmap, you can align your team on priorities and build up momentum by focusing on milestones instead of a deadline far far away.

Everyone can always see who's working on what, their progress and what's next. No meetings are required to stay in-sync with each other's progress.

Roadmap is a new kind of project management solution for teams to focus on one priority at a time with peace of mind, knowing what their colleagues are working on, and what's next.

Roadmap takes your team where they need to go in less time. Powering teams at next-gen startups like Framer, WeTransfer and fortune 50 companies like Google and Microsoft.

Roadmap is a remote, bootstrapped and profitable company with a small remote team. HQ in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Snack size facts
Roadmap is designed and built at 3drops. A product innovation lab for SaaS companies in Stockholm, SWE.
Funded and designed by Farzad Ban, Founder & CEO of 3drops, started during his Christmas break in 2015.
Roadmap is built from the ground up by 3drops CTO, Griffith Chen, since early 2016.
Roadmap was awarded as one of the most upvoted products on Product Hunt three years in a row since launch.
We hire part-time developers to collaborate with on shipping features. React, Go, Node Js. Your jam?
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