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roadmap is where design teams align on priorities and expectations.

Ground Base

Be in control and focus on what matters today.

Ground Base

Be in control and focus on what matters today.

Roadmap workspace screenshot for managing projects.

All in one hub

See all the people, projects, and rooms in your workspace.

Roadmap project timeline screenshot for visualising your direction.

Visualise direction

Where you start to plan from the big picture down to actionable tasks.

Roadmap individual timeline screenshot for managing members.

Map the workload

View tasks across all projects in a single timeline to optimize the team’s workload.

Roadmap’s way of work is built on 3 principles. Designed for teams to build a delegated system that clear bottlenecks and deliver results.

A framework by Roadmap box cover design.

A framework by Roadmap

For design teams that want a long term trackable system.

Coming soon.

Think of Roadmap as your compass to stay on top of your tasks, know what to do next, and visualize what’s coming.

“A beautiful product clearly made by a passionate, experienced team.”

Tim Van Damme

Principal designer @abstract

“I’m a huge fan of the work @3drops put into Roadmap. Makes it super fun and quick to plan the future with my friends at work.”

Bjørn Rostad

Designer @Dropbox Paper

“Loving Roadmap by 3drops for project management and scheduling at framer. Simple, minimal and effective tool in active development by a great team.”

Benjamin den Boer

Design @framer

“Absolutely love this product. A much much needed, well designed app for this space.”

Simon Brown

Co-Founder @ever&ever